Balboa Peninsula Archival Photo February 19 2016

Wedge in its infant stages. The wave is already wedging and the jetty is only a couple yards off the beach. 

SupSquatch January 19 2016

Video by Alex Verharst

Enjoy Mushroom Board October 07 2015

Beyond stoked to be apart of such a game changer! Great video by Steve Cachero about the new Enjoy Mushroom Handplane and the green technology used to construct such a great surf craft! Enjoy! 

A Surf Mat for Bodysurfers of Any Skill Level September 20 2015

The moment you use the Krypt MT5 surf mat you know you’ve never felt anything like it. With a single wave you’ll be carving turns, riding deep tubes, and tapping the hidden wave energy. Mats adapt to a wide range of surfing conditions you’ll be able to do more than ever before. Take a deep look at this high performance wave riding vehicle.

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Let the Good Times Roll. July 26 2015

SupSquatching with the Huntington Beach Junior Lifeguards! July 14 2015

New Viper Vectors May 18 2015


Now in stock, the new Black ( V5 & V7) Grey ( V5 Flex) Vectors. The new Vipers Vectors are made from TPE, making them the only recyclable fin on the market. 

Manufactured right here in Southern California by Wedge legend Fred Simpson. The Vipers are one of the only fins on the market specifically designed for bodysurfing.

Enjoy Mushroom Handplane May 18 2015


We are very excited about the new Enjoy Mushroom Handplanes! Its one of those products you fall in love with right when you pick it up and feel the quality. I've surfed with the Mushroom Handplane from Pipeline to Wedge, its performance is top level and construction bulletproof.

With a 100% biodegradable core made from agricultural waste and mushroom and covered in a dissolvable epoxy by Entropy Resigns and Connora Technologies we can have fun with these little guys for as long as we want and when the product is at it’s end of life we can recycle the plastic, copper and compost the core to keep it out of the landfill. 

C4 Waterman SupSquatch May 01 2015


Well we've done it! We now have a C4 Waterman Supsquatch in the quiver and offered threw the site. The amount of fun we have on this thing is hard to describe. From Stand Up paddling Newport Harbor, to surfing Huntington Beach, the possibilities are endless. Next up some step off surf mating and maybe a Wedge mission if everything comes together. 

Old Faithful- UDT Surf Fins April 27 2015

Rider Sean Starky

One of the most storied surf fins on the market. The Navy contracted rubber sporting-good giant, Voit, to develop a new swim fin. In 1944, the Voit UDT swim fin was introduced. Longer and stiffer than previous fins, UDTs provided the power that the Navy Special Forces desired.

Adopted early on by the first group of hellmen that started bodysurfing Newport Beach's mutant wave the Wedge. UDTs provided much needed power and thrust these bodysurfers needed to swim into a 20 ft mutant wave.

Legend has it, the original molds were stolen out of a Mexican manufacturing plant in the late 90's and held for ransom! By act of GOD wedge legend Greg Deets was able to sure up a buyer for the ransomed mold. They were able to purchase the molds and brought them into the United States. 

UDT fins are the bodysurfers big wave gun. When the conditions get out of control and you know you are going to be doing a lot of swimming no other fin compares.  

SupSquatch Radness at Makaha March 25 2015



I can't get over how awesome the SupSquatch is! Might be the fact that it isn't often you get to share a wave you all your friends! Actually its just a giant surf mat if you think about it. Can't wait to get one of these for the Sea Craft Crew and cruise around Southern California, maybe take on a couple Wedge bombs? Thanks C4 Waterman for having the open mind to offer such a rad wave vehicle!

MS Vipers Bodysurfing Fin Review February 18 2015

We've been bodysurfing with new MS Viper for over a year now and its become a favorite go to fin for us at Sea Craft. We had the chance at last years Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest to talk to Mike Stewart about his MS Viper Fins. 

One thing that really stands out to use is how fast the MS Vipers are while bodysurfing. Mike Stewart designed the MS Vipers to have very minimal drag on the wave face and to perform while bodysurfing and bodyboarding the wave, its not just about catching the wave its also about maintaining your speed on the wave. Mike Stewart achieved this by adding what I like to call three inline drainage holes. Having the drain holes inline with the opening of the fin pocket allows for water to escape threw the fin pocket at a much higher volume rate then having a drain hole on the bottom of the fin pocket. This also helps with drainage of sand and small rocks when bodysurfing or bodyboarding.

The quality of the MS Vipers is also top notch. They are molded from two different durometers of high quality natural rubber. Mike specced a nice soft forgiving rubber for the foot pocket to add comfort. A stiffer harder rubber for the blade to give the fin extra power and thrust when bodysurfing, swimming and bodyboarding. Cheers Starky.

Sandy Tubes February 08 2015


 Lucked out again! Another off season swell at wedge, best winter for wedge I can remember. Fun day with the crew playing around on the WHR BET, Krypt MT5 Surf Mats and the MS Vipers! 

Wedge Surf Mat Vibes January 13 2015

Fin test at 12,000 FT December 12 2014


Lack of surf makes a bunch of surf bums go crazy, so we decided to test Vipers claim that the new Vector fins made from TPE are "indestructible". We can safely say they can survive sub zero high altitude temperatures, speeds in excess of 150 MPH and super sketchy skydive landings! For your next skydive bodysurf adventure we highly recommend the new Viper Vectors! 

Filmed by Kenn Walker 

Skydiver John Karam

Bud Browne Mat Surfing Hermosa Beach 1959 December 08 2014


Classic clip of Bud Brown jumping off the Hermosa Pier and scoring a couple great waves on his surf mat!

The Sunday After Marie November 25 2014


US Fin Company Swim Fins ~REVIEW~ November 21 2014

We've been putting the new US Fin Co. fins through their paces this past month to see if its a swim fin we want to offer on the site. Our main focus at Sea Craft is providing only top quality and functional gear to our customers. Well we were blown away by this fin! Hands down one of the most comfortable swim fins we have ever used. US Fin Co. only uses the highest quality Malaysian rubber for their swim fins. 

The foot pocket is the softest on the market matched with a stiff flexing blade. We've noticed the fin actually "loads" up during a kick and has a snap at the end of the kick that produces an amazing amount of power for an asymmetrical fin. 

Overall win for US FIN Co! 

Krypt MT5 Junior Surf Mat Video November 18 2014

Mark Thompson from Krypt Surf Mats sent over some all time footage of his grandson Jake surfing the Krypt MT5 Juniors Surf Mat. Love seeing the groms ripping! Enjoy.

Hurricane Marie POV Bodysurfing November 06 2014

Riders view of Big Wednesday. Hope everyone enjoys! 

Gear- UDT Fins


Mark Thomson of Krypt Surf Technology putting his KRYPT MT5 Surf Mat through it's paces. November 02 2014

Fun With Friends! Wedge bodysurfing video. October 27 2014

This turned out to be one of my most memorable sessions of the year. Hope you enjoy Starky.

SURF'N Fins October 26 2014

           One of our favorite pair of swim/ bodysurf fins from our fin collection. We've been fortunate to be able to take these vintage bodysurf fins out for a couple bodysurf session due to the amazing condition we found these in. They are a great all around bodysurf fin, made from quality rubber and they have a great natural flex and feel in the water. Really a shame they are no longer in production.

Enjoy Hanplanes October 14 2014







We can't decide if we want to hang these Enjoy Handplanes on the wall or take them for a surf, probably going to do both! 

Enjoy Handplanes were created by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow as a way to save broken surfboards, old wetsuits and production waste from going to the landfills. When you walk into Enjoy Handplanes headquarters you can instantly understand the passion these guys have for making the least amount of impact on the environment, it's very inspiring. Their mission is to keep broken boards and manufacturing waste from the landfills while creating products that are fun to use and environmentally responsible. 

All Enjoy Handplanes are made with either old foam from broken boards or ruined blanks from manufacturing for the board and neoprene from used wetsuits to make the handles. We use materials that do not currently have a means of recycling and would end up in the landfill. Each handplane is shaped and custom glassed with Entropy Bio Epoxy, providing a second chance to a once loved board or wrecked blank doomed to the land fill.

We look forward to working and promoting such a great company. 

Viper Vector 2nd Generation October 12 2014

Viper has updated the Vector line of swim fins. The second generation Vectors are now made as stiff as the cult classic black and yellow Viper V7's. The new fins are still made from the same amazing material that is tear proof, light weight and highly visible. We've been bodysurfing with these for the past month and have noticed improved performance in bigger surf. People looking for a bodysurfing fin that excels in bigger surf and surf breaks that involve a lot of swimming should

Mini Paipo October 11 2014



Mini Paipos coming soon, still tweaking and testing. It's amazing the speed and control a surfer has when using a board like this. We've been finding the Mini Paipos excel in fast moving hallow surf, when you need that extra trim and speed to make a section. 



Krypt Surf Mats October 09 2014


The Krypt MT5 Surf Mat is designed by surf mat master Mark Thomson. This 5th generation design is the product of 10 years design experimentation and development, The MT5 sets the standard for advanced fabrics in modern surf mat design and construction.

The MT5 surf mat is made from an ultra thin, lightweight, Hi-Tech military fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. Each surf mat features a self-sealing one-way valve that is unique to Krypt Surf Technology.

In waves that are 1 foot to 10 feet, the Krypt MT5 is a super intuitive and exciting surf mat to ride. It has fantastic grip on the water, which allows for incredible speed, awesome power and extended projection through each turn.

This combination of speed and control makes the MT5 the most advanced production surf mat ever made. This ultra modern surf mat is a high performance surf craft guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you surf.