Enjoy Hanplanes October 14 2014







We can't decide if we want to hang these Enjoy Handplanes on the wall or take them for a surf, probably going to do both! 

Enjoy Handplanes were created by Ed Lewis and Kipp Denslow as a way to save broken surfboards, old wetsuits and production waste from going to the landfills. When you walk into Enjoy Handplanes headquarters you can instantly understand the passion these guys have for making the least amount of impact on the environment, it's very inspiring. Their mission is to keep broken boards and manufacturing waste from the landfills while creating products that are fun to use and environmentally responsible. 

All Enjoy Handplanes are made with either old foam from broken boards or ruined blanks from manufacturing for the board and neoprene from used wetsuits to make the handles. We use materials that do not currently have a means of recycling and would end up in the landfill. Each handplane is shaped and custom glassed with Entropy Bio Epoxy, providing a second chance to a once loved board or wrecked blank doomed to the land fill.

We look forward to working and promoting such a great company.