MS Vipers Bodysurfing Fin Review February 18 2015

We've been bodysurfing with new MS Viper for over a year now and its become a favorite go to fin for us at Sea Craft. We had the chance at last years Pipeline Bodysurfing Contest to talk to Mike Stewart about his MS Viper Fins. 

One thing that really stands out to use is how fast the MS Vipers are while bodysurfing. Mike Stewart designed the MS Vipers to have very minimal drag on the wave face and to perform while bodysurfing and bodyboarding the wave, its not just about catching the wave its also about maintaining your speed on the wave. Mike Stewart achieved this by adding what I like to call three inline drainage holes. Having the drain holes inline with the opening of the fin pocket allows for water to escape threw the fin pocket at a much higher volume rate then having a drain hole on the bottom of the fin pocket. This also helps with drainage of sand and small rocks when bodysurfing or bodyboarding.

The quality of the MS Vipers is also top notch. They are molded from two different durometers of high quality natural rubber. Mike specced a nice soft forgiving rubber for the foot pocket to add comfort. A stiffer harder rubber for the blade to give the fin extra power and thrust when bodysurfing, swimming and bodyboarding. Cheers Starky.