Old Faithful- UDT Surf Fins April 27 2015

Rider Sean Starky

One of the most storied surf fins on the market. The Navy contracted rubber sporting-good giant, Voit, to develop a new swim fin. In 1944, the Voit UDT swim fin was introduced. Longer and stiffer than previous fins, UDTs provided the power that the Navy Special Forces desired.

Adopted early on by the first group of hellmen that started bodysurfing Newport Beach's mutant wave the Wedge. UDTs provided much needed power and thrust these bodysurfers needed to swim into a 20 ft mutant wave.

Legend has it, the original molds were stolen out of a Mexican manufacturing plant in the late 90's and held for ransom! By act of GOD wedge legend Greg Deets was able to sure up a buyer for the ransomed mold. They were able to purchase the molds and brought them into the United States. 

UDT fins are the bodysurfers big wave gun. When the conditions get out of control and you know you are going to be doing a lot of swimming no other fin compares.