Let the Good Times Roll. July 26 2015

C4 Waterman SupSquatch May 01 2015


Well we've done it! We now have a C4 Waterman Supsquatch in the quiver and offered threw the site. The amount of fun we have on this thing is hard to describe. From Stand Up paddling Newport Harbor, to surfing Huntington Beach, the possibilities are endless. Next up some step off surf mating and maybe a Wedge mission if everything comes together. 

SupSquatch Radness at Makaha March 25 2015



I can't get over how awesome the SupSquatch is! Might be the fact that it isn't often you get to share a wave you all your friends! Actually its just a giant surf mat if you think about it. Can't wait to get one of these for the Sea Craft Crew and cruise around Southern California, maybe take on a couple Wedge bombs? Thanks C4 Waterman for having the open mind to offer such a rad wave vehicle!